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Henry VIII Pipercraft Figurine

Product SKU: F-RPC23

Henry VIII of England is best known for his dysfunctional love life, which led to divorce, beheadings and the English Protestant Reformation. His personality ranged from the model of a Renaissance Prince, to a paranoid, grumpy tyrant. His track record with Scotland was not good. Despite his brother-in-law being James IV, Henry’s armies managed an unexpected victory at the disastrous Battle of Flodden in 1513, and his heavy-handed and brutal invasions of Scotland in the 1540s, known as the ‘Rough Wooing’ devastated the Lowlands. So enjoy this statue of an iconic and controversial figure.

Stands 8.3cm in height and is cast from high quality 100% lead-free pewter.

Presented on a base of polished wood, using off-cuts from our bagpipe workshops.

Cast and finished by our team of dedicated craftsmen in our workshop in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland.