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Pipe Band Sporrans

Made at our factory in Glasgow, Scotland from the finest leather, designed with years of experience in Pipe Bands. There are several models available to choose from along with a variety of heavy-duty cantles. The centre piece can be an engraved or laser etched metal disc to include a pipe band’s logo, clan crest, badge or name. There is no compromise on quality, purposely designed to last the test of time.

SGT1PB1 Tassels & Fur

SGT1PB2 Metal Tassels

SGT1PB3 Leather Leaf

SGT1PB4 Leather Tassels

L-SPBDY01 Day Sporran

L-SPBDY02 Day Sporran

L-SPBSD01 Semi Dress

L-SPBSD02 Semi Dress

L-SPBHT01 Hunter Sporran