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Gaelic Themes is the Brand Name for a co-ordinated range of the highest-quality tailored highlandwear, accessories and we are manufacturers of the worlds largest range of clan crested products.

We are a family run business and take great pride in the wide range and quality of products we provide. Our jackets, kilts, footwear, sporrans and pewter products are worn the world over and we are recognised as manufacturers of the highest quality.

Our range of 3D badges and 2D line art products are based on the artwork depicted in the Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia first edition 22nd August 1994 with ISBN No 0004705475. There have been subsequent reprints all using the same copyright line drawings. In 1998 Barnes & Noble in the USA (also serving Canada) were granted permission to print in those countries in both hardback and paperback and these are respectively ISBN No 0760711208 and 076071147x

There were originally 148 badges being every member of the Standing council at that time and over the years that number has remained fairly constant with some deleted and some added in the reprints. All badges were approved for insertion into the encyclopedia by the clan chiefs. All artwork was drawn by R Squire (as have all subsequent additions) and copyright was formally transferred to Gaelic Themes Ltd under a royalty agreement.

Subsequently over many years Gaelic Themes has more than doubled the number of badges by creating line art for individual armigerous clans and the number of line art images now stands at 320 with over 200 available in stock supported 3D pewter badges.

This represents a substantial long term investment by the company and full COPYRIGHT applies to all the artwork and products created from same.

There are 2 distinct elements to the copyright:

1. The strap and buckle design is copyright and is used in every badge

2. The centre pieces are copyrighted artistic interpretations of the clan arms and are unique. For the sake of clarity our interpretation of a lion or a boars head is our interpretation and does not preclude another MATERIALLY DIFFERENT interpretation and provide also that it does not copy elements of our artwork.

All artwork belongs to the company and may not be used in any way without permission. Use without permission or licence is copyright abuse.

Sample copies of some line art is as follows: