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Carrick Celtic Jewellery

Celtic artists from Scotland and Ireland have left a legacy which has endured for thousands of years. They were not the savage barbarians as depicted by the Romans, but a highly developed culture with strong roots and developed artistic styles, which endure to this day. The Celtic knot is the most iconic, but the complexity of design and craftsmanship can be seen from manuscripts to stone inscriptions to the most beautiful of jewellery. Our Carrick Celtic range of distinction includes traditional Highland pieces, as well as Celtic jewellery where tradition and roots create truly unique heritage items. Made in Carrick Celtic Glasgow, Scotland, in our own workshop we use the most up to date techniques. All production is overseen by craftsmen and women who take great pride in producing pieces of distinction. We also have an in house design team using the latest 3D mastering system and they scour old texts for inspiration which can then be reflected in the design process. Over the coming years we will significantly expand the range.

Each item is available plated in either Polished Silver or Antique Silver. Six Stone Colours available for gem-set items.

C-CKE87 Celtic Deco Knot

Size: W31mm x H49mm

C-CKPW16 Celtic Deco Knot

Size: 25mm x 81.5mm

C-CKS58 Celtic Knot Necklace

Size W47.5mm x H38mm

C-CKS3 Thistle

W40mm x H21.5mm

C-CKKS35 Thistle Trio Brooch

W39mm x H49mm

C-CKS64 Teardrop Brooch

W31mm x H41mm

C-CKE77 Thistle Brooch

W58mm x H58mm

C-CKE95 Pictish Rogart Brooch

W68.5mm x H66.5mm

C-CKE88 Tara Brooch

W65.5mm x H44.5mm

C-CKE2 Celtic Deco Luckenbooth

Size W37mm x H50mm

C-CKE46 Thistle Brooch

W20.5mm x H55.5mm

C-CKE68 Scotty Dog

W38mm x H34.5mm

C-CKE80 Bagpiper

W16.5mm x H49.5mm

C-CKE82 Drummer

W16.5mm x H49.5mm

C-CKE79 Highland Dancer

W19.5mm x H51.5mm

C-CKPW1+2 Celtic Knot Set

C-CKPW13+11 Celtic Knot Set

C-CKPW10+14 Celtic Knot Set

C-CKPW17 Celtic Deco Pendant 

C-CKH4 Cufflinks

W20mm x H18mm

C-CKSALT01 Crown & Saltire Brooch

Size 62mm by 45mm.

C-CKS44 Thistle Kilt Pin

W21mm x H93.5mm

C-CKH1 Thistle Kilt Pin

W24mm x H104mm

C-CKKPW4 Celtic Knot Kilt Pin

W24mm x H104mm

C-CKK33 Axe Kilt Pin

W25mm x H84.5mm

C-CKK13 Stag Kilt Pin

W26mm x H95mm

C-CKKS72 Celtic Deco Kilt Pin

W30.5mm x H75mm