Trews and Trousers

Product SKU: T-TR

As with all our kilts and trews, this garment is Made in Scotland by our own highly-trained tailors.

Tartan Trousers (or ‘golf trousers’), which have a modern low waistline.

Argyll Trews are a more traditional trews type, with a high waistline – usually about three inches higher than regular trousers, to match the waistline of a kilt. These tend to be accompanied by a traditional 2 1/4″ kilt or miitary belt.

Fishtail Trews are the most traditional trews type, with a high waistline and fishtail back, which supports a button for braces.

Single-seam military style trews, available with a flat waistband or fishtail.

Our trews can be customised to your desire, with the option of adding an adjustable waistband, internal lining, button fly, additional back pockets, cavalry bottoms, French bearer, and so on.

Tartan Trousers

Argyll Trews

Fishtail Trews