Contemporary & Casual Kilts

Kilts have undergone something of a renaissance in recent years with the rise in popularity of alternatives to the traditional kilt.

Different yardages, styles and materials can all be used to best reflect each customer’s tastes and preferences.

  • Casual 5-yard Kilt. The 5 yard kilt is a lightweight and versatile alternative to the traditional 8 yard kilt. Less fabric is used in the pleats at the back, meaning you get a full kilt for a much cheaper price. The less wool also suits warmer climates.  A non-wool polyviscose version is hypoallergenic and even more cost effective if you need a good starter kilt.
  • Top-Stitch Kilt. This style of kilt is our most basic style, typically using just 4 yards of fabric, and is ideal for sporting events or as a good quality alternative to the more traditional styles
  • Tweed Kilt. The kilt is machine stitched and hand finished from 8 yards of genuine tweed, is lined with canvas with 3 leather straps to ensure an excellent fit. Note that Tweed usually needs to be hemmed, so these kilts will be a little heavier than a standard tartan kilt.
  • Vegan Kilt. This garment is entirely animal-product free. The kilt is machine stitched and hand finished from lightweight, hypoallergenic Polyviscose. Both the Full and Casual styles are lined with cotton lining and feaure 3 imitation-leather straps. The 8 yard variant is further reinforced with hemp-canvas with to ensure an excellent and secure fit.