Day Sporrans

All our sporrans are made in our workshop in Glasgow, Scotland, by our dedicated craftsmen, using the finest materials. They make each sporran from the raw materials, preparing, cutting and assembling the leather and fur, then adding the other hand-made components.

Our day sporrans are available in black or brown leather.

L-SDY01 Full Celtic Embossed

L-SDY02 Clan Crest – Black

L-SDY03 Clan Crest – Brown

L-SDY04 Celtic – Metal Tassels

L-SDY05 Celtic Wing

L-SDY06 Celtic Wing – Studded

L-SDY08 Round Celtic Knot

L-SDY09 Wide Celtic Knot

L-SDY10 Plain Day Sporran

L-SDY11 Plain Celtic

L-SDY12 Plain Day Sporran

L-SDY13 Military Day Sporran

L-SDY15 Tree of Life

L-SDY17 Cornish

L-SDY18 Welsh