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Viking Pipercraft Figurines

Product SKU: Chieftan F-RPC29 / Warrior: F-RPC30

The Vikings came from Scandinavia, and launched a series of devastating raids and campaigns across Britain and Ireland from the year 798AD. Their impact on Scotland was huge, leading to the formation of the Kingdom of Scotland as we know it, under Kenneth Macalpin. They also bit hard and claimed territory for themselves, including Orkney, Shetland, the Western Isles and Galloway. Almost every family in Scotland is partially descended from Vikings, either directly, or through their Norman descendants.

Stands 9cm in height and is cast from high quality 100% lead-free pewter.

Presented on a base of polished wood, using off-cuts from our bagpipe workshops.

Cast and finished by our team of dedicated craftsmen in our workshop in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland.