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Irish Themed Kilt Pins

C-FKPIR01 Shamrock Knot

The shamrock is a symbol of Ireland and especially of St Patrick. Size 80mm long.

C-FKPIR02 Shamrock Twist

Size 80mm long.

C-FKPIR03 Claddagh Knot

The Claddagh motif is best known from the Irish love rings, names after the fishing village in Galway. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love and the crown represents loyalty. Size 80mm long.

C-FKPIR04 Claddagh Twist

Size 80mm long.

C-FKP19A Shamrock

Antique Silver Finish. Size 9.7mm long.

C-KPIR530 Shamrock

An Irish Shamrock Surrounded In A Traditional Claddagh Motif. The Shamrock Is A Symbol Of Ireland And Especially Of St Patrick. Length 90mm.

C-KPIR531: Irish Harp

An Irish Harp Surrounded In A Traditional Claddagh Motif. The Harp Was A Pan-Gaelic And Brythonic Symbol, Familiar In Ireland, Highland Scotland, Wales And Brittany, In Gaelic Scotland And Ireland, The-Wire Stringed Instrument Was The Courtly Instrument Favoured By Chiefs, Before The Popularisation Of The Bagpipes In The Middle Ages. Length 90mm.