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Welsh Themed Kilt Pins

C-FKPDRAG01 Welsh Dragon

The national symbol of Wales, the dragon is one of the earliest ‘national’ emblems to emerge in the British Isles, first being mentioned in around the year 829. In that famous story King Vortigern’s attempts to build a castle at Dinas Emrys are mysteriously foiled, until the boy Merlin reveals that two dragons are fighting below the ground – a red dragon and a white dragon. Freed from the ground, the red dragons triumphs over the white, and this was interpreted to foretell of the eventual victory of the Britons over the Anglo-Saxons. Size 94mm long.

C-FKPDRAG02 Dragon’s Tooth

Size 94mm long.

C-FKP23A Daffodil

The daffodil is a symbol of Wales, and most associated with the time of year when St David’s Day falls at the advent of Spring. Size: 10cm long.

C-KP540 Brittany

Brittany in north western France was settled by the Britons of the West Country from the fourth century to the ninth. Its language is very close to Cornish, and the people are recognised as one of the six Celtic Nations. There is a strong piping tradition in Brittany. Alongside the two local types of bagpipe, the Great Highland Bagpipe has been adopted since the end of the Second World War. The crest of Brittany is of an ermine, or stoat, with an ermine cape, the traditional symbol of the Dukes of Brittany. The motto translates as ‘it will never be stained’.  Length 90mm.

C-FKPDRRMP Dragon Rampant

The Dragon has almost always been a symbol of the Britons, mostly known today in Wales, but also in other Brythonic parts of Britian, such as the West Country. The Dragon Rampant can be found as a heraldic supporter for many of the towns and families of Wales, as well as the flag of Somerset. Size 75mm long, 60mm wide.